Complexity as an Opportunity – Managing Experts in the Life Sciences Sector

Aspects of the Seminar

Management is the art of successfully directing a group of people towards effective action and sustainably reaching given objectives using their interplay. At least that's how the theory goes. In the jungle of everyday work, you as a decision-maker are confronted by a wide range of demands: changes in values and culture, as well as interculturalism on the part of your employees, more complex responsibilities, and an ever more digitalised regulatory environment. 

Let us work together to find out what influences you should consider when making management decisions - specifically so that you can continue to manage authentically and in a financially sustainable manner under growing compliance demands.

Seminar objectives

Together with Dr Adam Sobanski, you will develop a highly practicable understanding of the term Management in a business environment that is shaped by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and contradiction. 

Learn how to navigate your expert teams in future for a greater acquisition of knowledge and sustainable decisions using moderation communication. In innovation-driven, pharmaceutical companies, an effective dialogue aimed at achieving consensus will be key for you here. 

This is the only way you can keep and encourage the best colleagues on the teams in the knowledge-dominated value-creation areas of R&D, RA and QA, and inspire them to achieve demanding company objectives.

MAIN5 Impulses 

  • Raising awareness and orientation aids when dealing with complexity in the life sciences industry
  • Introducing and strengthening innovative methods of handling complex management situations
  • Communicating perspectives and opportunities hidden in a working environment shaped by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and contradiction.
  • Moderation as an instrument of sovereign management in complex situations
  • Attentiveness - a healthy idea of humans as a prerequisite for good Management

Group of participants

Specialists and management, department or group leaders in pharmaceutical R&D, project leads, quality leads, change managers, internal consultants and young leaders.  

The group of seminar participants is deliberately limited to a small group of up to 8 persons so that we can consistently meet our own demands and those of the course participants. Each individual participant is guaranteed to gain a great deal of personal Knowledge.



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Dr. Adam Sobanski