BPM – creating value in a GxP-regulated environment

Aspects of the seminar

How should the increasing complexity and high regulatory demands placed on R&D in the life sciences industry be tackled? How can the needs of clients and employees, and the requirements of the company owners be satisfied simultaneously?

There is a need for strategy, on the one hand, and suitable processes, on the other, in order to actually implement this strategy. Process management helps an organisation work together so that it is in the position to realise its strategic and operative goals in a financially sustainable manner using well-defined resources, processes and interfaces. Process management is capable of doing this!

Process management also stands for more orientation towards internal and external clients, clarification of interfaces, reduction of processing and development times, guaranteeing fulfilment of GxP and compliance requirements, and reducing costs.

Let's work together to establish the basic terms and develop practicable solution approaches that will give you better direction regarding current challenges in your company. You will get to know BPM as a concrete management system in the GxP-regulated environment in order to unlock further effectiveness and efficiency benefits in your company. As a successful physician and natural scientist with management responsibility, you will gain access to a practical management tool designed for the specific characteristics of your work environment.

Seminar objectives

Work with the trainers to develop a practicable understanding of the term Business Process Management within the life sciences industry.

Recognise the commitment that needs to come from your and your management team as decision-makers and leaders. Help your teams of experts to become more effective and successful in their commercial thinking and actions with successful Business Process Management.

Contribute demonstrably to the experts in your organisation utilising their knowledge and energies in a highly efficient and commercially beneficial way, and meeting regulatory demands.

MAIN5 Impulses

  • Introduction to Business Process Management as an active management system for value creation in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Raising awareness of and strengthening customer orientation in GxP-regulation business units
  • Communicate pervasiveness from the process map and process model, to the operative level that can be designed with process descriptions and SOPs.
  • Practical tips regarding risks and opportunities of comprehensive BPM initiatives in GxP-regulated sectors.
  • Discussion of important success factors and other aspects you can use to maintain sovereignty and orientation even during tough periods

Group of participants

Specialists and management in pharmaceutical R&D, project leads, programme managers, change managers, internal management consultants and organisational developers, young Leaders.

The group of participants is deliberately limited to a small group of up to 8 persons so that we can consistently meet our own demands and those of the course participants. Each individual participant is guaranteed to gain a great deal of personal Knowledge.



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