Armin Neises is taking over as head of the MAIN5 Institute

MAIN5 has recruited Armin Neises for the expansion of the MAIN5 Institute! With its ambitious business academy, the pharma management consulting company trains line managers and senior managers on how they can safely navigate their teams and initiatives in a competitive and rapidly changing environment. At the same time, the MAIN5 experts for organisational change in life science companies also envision their young institute as a think tank. The academy offers participants an inspiring space for exploring relevant topics outside of the everyday pressure and routine, to meet in an informal setting and to share experiences.

‘The current social and intercultural changes have also shaken up the pharmaceutical industry’, commented Tore Bergsteiner, Managing Partner at MAIN5. ‘The unprecedented insights that patients have in the information age, the disappearing clear structures in a network society and the noticeable progress of new digital players require an urgent review of and adjustments to management methods and strategies for success. We are all the more pleased to entrust the experienced and dedicated leader Armin Neises with the development of our institute.’

Neises is a certified General Manager and has already set up and run successful business academies. He has many years of experience in management consultancy and training. To date, he has trained or consulted more than 2,000 line managers and senior managers from several reputable industrial companies. As Director of MAIN5 Institute, he plans to expand the industry-specific curriculum in such a way that traditional, innovation-based companies in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries will also be able to cope with internal and external challenges in the future. To start with, there will be a seminar program that focuses on areas such as the complexity in the pharmaceutical business and BPM as a management tool in pharma R&D. The goal is to bolster the business skills of scientists and doctors working within the context of the pharmaceutical industry.

One special aspect of MAIN5 Institute is that the method-oriented and value-driven curriculum for its training courses is focused exclusively on the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Another special aspect is that the young business academy imparts a firm, modern and practical understanding of management and leadership: What intelligently steered organisational changes can introduce valuable organisational flexibility? How can prudent management thwart the efforts of people resisting reforms; how can it involve employees in the process; and how can prudent managers be empowered so they can act with confidence?

‘Life scientists, physicians and engineers who are highly qualified in their respective disciplines and are entrusted with managerial functions in the life science industry are approaching us today with very specific requirements and problems regarding management and leadership’, explains Armin Neises, Senior Director of MAIN5 Institute. ‘They need modern, more subtle and dynamic forms of leadership in order to meet their need for self-monitoring and participation. Our trainers are extremely well-acquainted with this environment and they possess extensive experience working in the industry and up-to-date management know-how. They can also offer a change in perspective that points the way forward for management.’

22nd GQMA (German Quality Management Association e.V.) International Meeting, Maritim Hotel Würzburg

The German Quality Management Association e.V. (GQMA) is the largest expert association for quality management in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Germany and the second largest in Europe. Every year in the fall, the association holds its annual international meeting, which is attended by several hundred experts from industrial companies, contract research organizations, hospitals and public authorities. The wide array of topics discussed at the conference enables experts to be kept up-to-date with the latest developments, to take home important suggestions that can be incorporated in their daily work routine, and to make valuable contacts with representatives from other related industries.

Ms Verena Jachmann from Fresenius-Kabi in Oberursel and Ms Sabine Schmidt from MAIN5 in Frankfurt am Main will be giving presentations on the topic of "Roll out and implementation of a globally harmonized eQMS” during the Risk Management Session at the 22nd GQMA International Meeting (Friday, September 22, 2017 morning session).

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After its Rebranding, MAIN5 Remains on Course for Growth

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, SCHAAFHEIM, GERMANY, July 25, 2017: After a highly successful four-year start-up phase, the management consulting firm MAIN5, which focuses exclusively on strategy and implementation solutions for the regulated added value sectors in the pharmaceutical industry, remains on course for continued growth. Last year, the firm was again able to increase its sales and earnings.

The consultancy firm made up of more than 20 consultants has built a solid customer base comprised of renowned TOP 50 global players and selective regional medium-sized companies, and today it is presenting itself more confident and optimistic than ever. The firm, which was founded in 2013, is currently making targeted investments in the advancement and expansion of its excellent network of consultants, the maintenance and development of its customer relations over the long-term, and in the development of a strong MAIN5 core brand.

New business relationships are increasingly being established on the basis of recommendations made by existing customers or as a direct result of the seminars run by the MAIN5 Institute. Tore Bergsteiner, one of the Managing Partners at MAIN5, explains, “The key decisive factor for companies in the pharmaceutical industry is being successful in their multifaceted endeavors. The trust we have received and the values our firm lives by are now incorporated in our brand identity and serve as an additional valuable impetus for our firm’s development.”

Some of the more obvious aspects that characterize the complexity of MAIN5’s activities include the increasing regulatory requirements that are associated with highly dynamic changes; the increasing pressure from the competition and the accelerating pace of innovation by international comparison; the growing pressure to curb costs by national healthcare systems; the unconstrained market consolidation taking place; and the ongoing digitalization of all business processes and interfaces. Alexander Tryba, another Managing Partner at MAIN5, sums up the firm’s position in the market in a nutshell: “There are many consultancy firms working in this field, but at the end of the day, having insider knowledge accounts for the subtle difference between top-notch experts and mediocre consultants.”

After its rebranding at the beginning of 2016, the young firm has put itself in an even stronger position. Its new brand identity and its disciplined process management enable MAIN5 to release new energies and to be focused on realizing further growth.