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Complexity as an Opportunity – Managing Experts in the Life Sciences Sector

Aspects of the seminar

Management is the art of successfully aligning a group of people on an effective course of action and through their cooperative efforts achieving specified goals over the long term. Or so the theory goes. In the jungle of the everyday work, you as a decision-maker are impacted by a wide range of demands: from the shift in culture and values to the intercultural nature of the workforce, and from complex responsibilities to the increasingly digitized regulatory environment.

In this seminar, we look together at the factors you should take into account – particularly with an eye on managing authentically for continued financial success, as compliance requirements grow.

For pharmaceutical firms – in a sector that’s driven by innovation – it is vital to maintain effective and consensus-oriented dialog. Only by doing this in the knowledge-dominated and value-creating areas of R&D, RA, and QA can you retain, encourage, and inspire the best coworkers in your teams to achieve demanding company goals.


Seminar objectives

Work with Dr. Adam Sobanski on developing a highly practicable understanding of the concept of leadership in a business environment characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and inconsistency.

Learn how to guide your expert team to increased recognition and durable decision-making by means of facilitated communication.


Locations and dates

November 20-21, 2017, Eberbach Monastery near Eltville am Rhein

The language for the seminar will be German.


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Dr. Adam Sobanski


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